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Emergency Dry Out Services

When your home is struck by disaster, we understand that it can be a long, overwhelming process. Within 90 minutes of placing your call to Tri-County Waterproofing our rapid response team will be on the road to your house.
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Water Damage Restoration

While flood damage to your home can be overwhelming, it does not have to become a long, drawn out process. Tri-County Waterproofing is a full service repair business so that we can get your home back to its original, beautiful condition.
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Unfortunately, water leakage in basements is a very common problem. If your basement has water damage, whether it be minimal or extensive, give the experts at Tri-County Waterproofing a call today. We want to get your home back to its original, beautiful condition as much as you do.
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Who We Are

At Tri-County Waterproofing, we understand that restoring and waterproofing your damaged basement is a hassle that no Warminster , PA homeowner wants to have to deal with. Tri-County Waterproofing works quickly and efficiently on all Warminster , PA basement projects so that we can restore your basement and make it comfortable for you and your family as quickly as possible.

What We Do

When you have seeping walls, musty odors, and puddles on your floor it is not an enjoyable (nor safe) environment. At Tri-County Waterproofing our basement waterproofing systems not only manage water leakage in your Warminster home, but they also target the high humidity levels that can later lead to mold and mildew problems. An integrated vapor barrier application goes a long way to reducing the increased moisture levels associated with a subterranean living spaces, but this alone is not enough to combat problematic humidity levels within your home.

Don’t Settle, Call Tri-County Waterproofing

Ask your in home inspector for complete details on our full moisture management and waterproofing solutions. Don’t let water, humidity, mold, and mildew destroy your home. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get ahead of the storm!